These heat-activated solder sleeves make joining electrical wires easy! No soldering iron required: with these sleeves you simply twist the wires together, slip a sleeve over the top and heat it up with a heat gun or lighter for a strong, waterproof connection.

Whats included: 
10x ELF5-10 (12-10 AWG)
15x ELF5-14 (16-14 AWG)
15x ELF5-16 (22-18 AWG)

With this heat-activated solder sleeve kit, you can turn your wiring nightmares into dreams!

Say goodbye to your soldering iron and wire. No longer will you burn your fingers in trying to reach those hard to access places; all you have to do is have a heat gun or lighter, feed your wires inside the sleeve and heat it up – that’s it!

The solder inside the sleeve will melt into your wires, and combined with the heat-shrink tube and adhesive strips will form a waterproof, strong and highly conductive electrical connection which is almost impossible to break.


Solder Splice Terminators combine all the advantages of heat-shrink, low-melt solder and waterproofing protection glands - creating a fast, waterproof, electrically reliable and fully insulated connection without the use of a soldering iron, crimping tool or solder.

Proper installation can be easily verified through the translucent Heat Shrink Tubing. Each sealed solder connector is industry-standard colour coded and imprinted for quick and easy identification.

- Great for commercial and industrial projects.
- Professional electricians.
- Automotive and Fleet Industry applications.
- Adhesive lining provides for water resistant and non-corrosive connections make this ideal for marine applications.
- Any wiring project requiring high-quality electrical connections. Especially valuable in high humidity and corrosive environments.


  1. Strip both wires, wire length 5/16" (8mm)
  2. Insert wire into barrel 
  3. Crimp wire to barrel 
  4. Heat tubing, start at center and work towards one end then repeat
  5. Focus heat at center of connector where solder is, being careful to turn tubing to distribute heat and continue until solder becomes liquidus (melts).

For best results: Use a heat device of at least 1000°F/538°C. Don’t overheat tubing. Don’t isolate flame. Distribute heat evenly over the tubing. 

NOTE : Crimping tool and Heat Source to reduce tubing and seal connector needed.  Butane Torch and Ratcheting Crimp tool recommended.  Questions, Please ask.

Product Type ElectraLink
Shipping Weight 0.2500kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.100m
Shipping Length 0.100m

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