Spade Connectors, Bullet and Bootlace

Superior Terminals stocks spade, bullet and bootlace tools from top-quality brands. Use these tools when you’re working with electrical connections. Our range of connectors are perfect when you’re working with high currents.  By only stocking quality tools, we’re trusted by electricians who often use spade connectors, bullet connectors, and more. Browse the full range at Superior Terminals today.

Bootlace ferrules – These copper tubes are used to create a reliable electrical connection and are positioned at the end of an electrical wire.

Spade terminals – For a solderless electrical connection, look to spade terminals. These terminals are quick and reliable, making working with electricity easily.

Flange spade terminals – Securely attach size wires to screw onto your terminals on your equipment. They can even be used in your electrical system.

Bullet terminals – Like bullet connectors, Superior Terminals’ bullet terminals are available in male and female pole-type connectors. They allow wire connection and disconnection between the two.

Spring spade terminals – For a quick and reliable connection, choose a solderless electrical spade terminal.

Looking for more information?

To learn more about our range of electrical connectors, including spade connectors, bullet and bootlace connectors call us on 07 3205 4755. Alternatively, you can read the FAQ below for more information, contact the team online or visit us in person at U1/218 Leitchs Rd, Brendale to receive personalised advice from our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there various sizes for spade connectors?

Yes, there are. As spade connectors are used to connect wires, they are available in different widths. The most common size used is the standard size, although it depends from case to case.

Why should I use bootlace ferrules?

Bootlace ferrules are an underestimated cable-building tool. Not only do they provide a much more secure connection than just twisting cables together, but they also save your cables from fraying over time and help maintain the integrity of your connection.

What electrical products can I use bootlace connectors for?

Bootlace connectors provide the connection between two pieces of wiring or cable, making sure that current is sent from one wire to another. They're also incredibly varied - for example, you can use them for connecting to loudspeakers, motors, sensors and more! The best part is that they're highly reliable and easy to use – just crimp the wires together using pliers, and you have a secure connection. For more bootlace and bullet connectors and more electrical tools, shop Superior Terminals.

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