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Superior Terminals is the sole Australian agent for National Standard Parts Associates (NSPA), a Florida based company that was a pioneer of Heat Shrink Terminals, holds numerous Patents for Heat Shrink Terminals, and is one of the largest manufacturers of Heat Shrink Terminals in the world.
The terminals are marketed in North America under NSPA's own stable of brands and are also private labelled in the largest Marine, Automotive, Agricultural, Industrial, and Heavy Duty retail chains.

Heat shrink terminals sold by Superior:

  • Carry Certification by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Reference E157227
  • Carry US Military Specifications MIL-DTL-203050/4
  • Provide a positive join or termination by mechanical compression (crimp) of tinned copper or brass barrels and a chemical seal created by shrinkage/adhesive flow induced by heat application to the polyolefin tube.
  • Prevent moisture wicking along the wire and provide strain relief
  • Are available in a diverse range of sizes and shapes.
  • Are easy to use and are suitable for all stranded wire ranging from 8AWG (8.3mm²) down to 24AWG (0.2mm²).

Heat shrink terminals in the past have often been inconsistent in quality, available in a very limited range and priced outrageously.
These factors often precluded their use even in extreme conditions of moisture, temperature, pollution or vibration, leading to both wire degradation and terminal failure when cheaper automotive type terminals were used.

The aim of Superior Terminals is to change that situation. We sell quality items directly to major users thereby eliminating supply chain imposts that inflate prices. This also allows us to focus on providing the highest level of customer service possible.

Our product line consists solely of terminals, associated tools and a range of specialised heat shrink tubing. This enables us to carry a stock level of over 160,000 terminals covering over 60 individual lines including over a kilometre of 3M heat shrink tubing in various types.
Stock levels are maintained by air from NSPA on a regular basis and items not normally stocked can be sourced from the US by expedited air freight in four to five days.

Terminals can be supplied as follows:

  • In manufacturer's bulk packs of 1000, 500 or 250 depending on the type
  • In labelled zip-lock bags in quantities to order
  • In pre-printed sealed hang bags filled to order for retail sale
  • In made to order kits suitable for retail sale, workshop or field use

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