Fuses & Fuse Holders

Fuses are essential when it comes to protecting the electrical components and devices of your car, van, truck or any other vehicle. From small minis to mid-sized and large maxis, automotive fuses are available at Superior Terminals. We are Queensland’s leading fuse suppliers, with our range of fuse and fuse holders sourced from the leading brands in automotive parts.  

We stock an amazing range of:

Blade Fuses – For 5 to 100amp blade fuse, choose Superior Terminals. From packs of 20 or 100, you can choose what suits your needs best.

Blade Fuse Holders – Whether it’s Maxi, Inline or Mini blade fuse holder, Superior Terminals stocks only the highest quality fuse holders.

After More Information on automotive fuses?

For more your leading fuse suppliers in automobile fuses, contact our team online or call us at 07 3205 4755. If you’d like to stop past our store on U1/218 Leitchs Rd, Brendale, visit our team for in-person advice and browse our range of electrical connectors, automotive wiring and so much more. Otherwise, continue reading our FAQ for more information on our fuse company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of automotive fuses and fuse holder?

A fuse holder is an essential part of an automobile vehicle to ensure fuses are safely integrated into electrical circuits. This allows for a current path that doesn’t allow voltage doesn’t spill to other components. Automotive fuses holders provide safety to the circuits by providing a place for the fuse to be placed and a physical barrier between the contact points. The plastic or ceramic body of the fuse holder will melt before the metal parts of the circuit, which protects the more expensive parts from damage.

What happens to my fuse holder if a circuit blows?

Many times, a fuse will blow due to high currents in the circuit, but if the current is low enough, the fuse holder can save the circuit. Fuse holders also make it easier to change a fuse in case of a blown circuit.

What are the different types of fuse?

Automotive fuses come in different shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose – to protect your electrical system from overload. The three most common types are small minis, mid-size regular, and large maxis.

Small minis are typically used in low-voltage applications, such as electronic toys and appliances. Mid-sized regulars are the most common type of fuse and are often used in home circuits. Large maxis are designed for high-voltage systems, such as those found in commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Visit Superior Terminals, your leading fuse company.

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