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Ring Terminals

Superior Terminals stocks all your ring terminal needs, offering a variety of sizes and configurations as well as great customer service to make sure you find the best fit for any job. In addition to stocking items, we also provide custom solutions for unique situations.

For both professionals looking for a reliable connection solution as well as hobbyists looking for speedy assembly, heat shrink ring terminals and nylon terminals will prove a great addition to your toolkit. With Superior Terminals on your side, you can rest assured that the success of your outlets is covered from start to finish with top-quality products and expertise!

Heat Shrink Ring Terminals – Heat shrink ring terminals are easy to install, simply slide it over the spliced wires, heat it with a standard heat gun, and then slip on the plastic tubing to hold it snugly in place. At Superior Terminals, we stock a wide range of heat-shrinkable ring terminals ideal to use in corrosive environments.

Nylon Ring Terminals – Nylon insulated terminals offer increased reliability compared to other types of binding rings as they provide an excellent electrical insulation value and won't loosen from vibration or twisting.

If you’re looking for a ring terminal connector, ring lug or other electrical supplies, contact the team at Superior Terminals online, by calling us at (07) 3205 4755 or by visiting us in-store at U2/218 Leitchs Rd, Brendale QLD 4500.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ring terminal used for?

Ring terminals are an integral component in electrical wiring systems. They serve as conductors allowing a secure connection between various sections of wire and they can also act as anchors providing the foundation for safe and reliable circuits.

What can I use heat shrink terminals for?

These are tin-plated copper terminals that can be headed with a heat gun or gas torch which will shrink and provide a permanent seal. Along with ring lugs, they’re used in a variety of industries involving electrical work and metalwork.

Who would use a ring terminal?

A ring terminal, also known as a spade terminal, is often used by those in the trades: mechanics, electricians and anyone working with machinery. Its design makes it easier to connect and disconnect electrical cables while remaining secure when under stress. From wiring electronics to working with plumbing, these connectors securely fasten wires and pipes together quickly and efficiently.

What are crimp ring terminals used for?

Crimp ring terminals are used to connect an electrical wire or cable to be securely held in place while the cable or wire is connected to the stud or post. A crimping tool is used to securely crimp these connectors, thus creating an electrical connection that can withstand training and vibrations. These terminals are typically found in many different industrial settings, making them invaluable tools when it comes to securely connecting two wires together.

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