NSPA's Long Neck Ring Terminals

NSPA’s long neck ring terminals are IDEAL when using heat shrink tubing.  The longer neck and 45° barrel design allows you to have a sealed termination without impeding the stud hole.  The design also allows you to visually inspect that your wires are properly inserted before crimping.

As you can see with the two pictures below, the longer neck design (top) allows for variation of the tubing’s position and placement while still providing sufficient room for the recovered tubing to properly sealed and not impede the stud hole.  Notice that the forty-five degree window allows you to see the stranded copper wire past the crimp area.

KS114-10 Long Ring Installed - cropped jbe

Standard terminal components were never designed to be used with heat shrink tubing and can often times block or obstruct the stud hole opening.  This is illustrated in the picture below.  The tubing is sealed but the tubing will likely impede a flush mount on a terminal block or screw.

KS114-10 Ring Installed - cropped jbe

This is a potential critical flaw when bare part terminals designed for PVC or Nylon are used with heat shrink tubing and stacking or mounting to a terminal block are required.  In the picture below you can see the excess tubing needed to seal the area where the barrel’s throat meets the ring can prevent a flush mount to a block or when stacking terminals.  This ultimately may result in less than optimal contact and potential connectivity issues.  Notice how the tubing interferes with the stacked rings.

KS - Bad Flush

In contrast, NSPA’s new, long-neck terminals stack flush and without any impedance.  Don’t risk electrical failure for your equipment and or vehicles.  Ask your NSPA sales representative for information about our NEW long neck barrel rings and spades.

KS - Good Flush

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